Service Level Agreement and SLA Template

The SLA Template




The SLA Toolkit contains the following components:


Service Level Agreement Template

A complete service level agreement template. Why re-invent the wheel? 


SLA Interactive Guide

Explains every part of the SLA and provides jump links straight to the appropriate part of the above template 


SLA Introduction

A full presentation on SLA's explaining how, what and why


SLA Audit and Review

A comprehensive checklist / questionnaire to audit and review your existing agreements


Service Level Management Presentation

Explains the key concepts of SLM for a wider understanding of the issues




The SLA Toolkit

Service Level Agreement - The SLA Toolkit

A complete toolkit comprising SLA template, guide, presentation and audit/review questionnaire.

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The SLA Toolkit is a set of quality resources designed to help you create your own service level agreement as easily and quickly as possible. 


This component is a critical element of the kit, and is a complete template for a service level agreement. Each clause can be accepted 'as is' or edited to reflect a specific need. 


Each section of the template is also linked to the relevant section of the SLA Interactive Guide in order that you can refer to the guidance provided before finalizing each section of your own specific agreement.


The template is provided in MS-Word format, so that you can edit freely and save as a separate document whenever you wish.



To illustrate the depth and quality of the template, we have produced the following sample pages:


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Typical Service Level Agreement Template Page


Typical Service Level Agreement Template Page




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The SLA Toolkit can now be purchased online and downloaded straight to your PC. 


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